Joining The Club Is Safe & Easy

Select your best membership option below, click buy now or view options, complete the online forms and your part of the Club. Its a simple process.

Head over to the book page then book a info appointment to come see us at Club Fitness to grab your access tag and to check out your new gym.

Once you have booked your appointment, head down to the Club. When you get to the main entrance door simply ring the doorbell.

Club Fitness Membership Options

Direct Debit

From $ 8 pw

- small managable payment

- fully transferable

- no contract term

The Direct Debit Membership is a flexible way of making payments by giving members a frequency of how often they pay for their gym membership. Members can pay monthly, fortnightly or weekly. The Direct Debit Membership allows flexibility and is a very convienient option.

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Paid In Full

From $ 69

- pay a low fee once

- choose your term

- access only membership

The Paid In Full Membership is technically a membership, but one that only requires a single upfront payment. Receive upto a full year of club membership for the cost of an easy one-time payment. Joining now offers benefits that future members will not be eligible to receive.

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From $10

- pay as you use

- no commitment

- access only staffed hours

Casual Gym Membership is fantastic option for you. It doesn't matter if you haven't used the gym in decades - in fact maybe you want to use this membership to start out slow before getting a full Club membership. Its a good option if you want to check out the Club before joining.

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