How it works?

Club Fitness - 24 Hour Boutique Whanganui Gym

Members can access Club Fitness 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The Club consists of a main training floor area, upstairs training areas, outdoor training area, 2 seperate unisex showers / toilets, 1 unisex toilet, seperate male / female changing rooms and kitchen facilities for members to use. Our staffed hours are located on our home page should you need to talk to us personally.

After joining online you then book an induction appointment for your first visit. You will receive a tour, general rundown and your new Club 247 access tag. Should you require help starting a basic new program well we can grant you accerss to our PT training app, workouts are delivered directly to your app and each exercise has video instructions which makes things easy for you to get started now. All of our memberships are ACCESS ONLY however we can offer personal training as an additional service which also has additional charges. Simply contact us if you have any questions or for more information about the Club or personal training. We hope to see you at the Club soon!

Club Features


Members can enjoy super fast free WIFI using our in-house safe & secure Club WIFI networks.

247 Access

Members can enjoy access the gym 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. withh no time limits on any equipment.

Web Software

The Club offers PTHUB training software, Bookify online appointments and all communication online.


We have a great, freindly and motivating atmosphere at the Club which helps you achieve results fast.

Bluetooth Connect

There is a bluetooth speaker that you can connect to along with a charging station for phones and tablets.


We offer a good range of solid, tough exercise equipment, all well layed out at Club Fitness.

Real Customers, Real Talk

"I have been SO impressed with Club Fitness that I wanted to send you a quick note about how pleased I am with the club. It's rare that you find a gym that actually delivers. Do yourself a favor and get a Membership at Club Fitness now. You'll be glad you did as i am."

"You wouldn't believe what a difference Club Fitness has made for me. Who would have thought a simple gym Membership could do so much? I can fully recommend it, not just because it's easy, but because the people behind it are as kind and helpful as anyone you'd ever meet. It's a breath of fresh air in the gym market."

"Club Fitness had everything I wanted in a fitness club. All of the features sounded great. Club Fitness completely over-delivered! Club Fitness is everything it says and so much more!"